Aderyn "Pesha" Ursari

Just a girl and her dog finding their way in a world outside the circus


Pesha is neutral and gets along with pretty much everyone and everything, although she’s not one for partying. She is curious about all races. She has little to no fear of strangers, given that her livelihood used to depend on varied circus patrons. She enjoys adventure because it always leads to learning something new. She has not spent as much time out in nature as most druids, but has spent a great deal of time with animals and is always on pursuit of learning about new ones.


Aderyn Uggle Ursari “Pesha”

Pesha is from a long line of Halfling animal trainers and acrobats. The Ursari name is fairly renowned in some places of the world for their skill in animal handling, and almost annoyingly so. (“Hey short stuff, make my dog dance the foxtrot!” is a typical example). Pesha, along with her mother, father, sister, grandmother and two uncles were members of the Fizzwyck Circus since before Pesha was born. Her sister and one uncle were acrobats, but the rest of the family became particularly skilled at training animals to do elaborate tricks and dance with each other (yes, they probably could train a dog to do the foxtrot). Most of the family were druids and preferred working with the animals themselves rather than letting someone else force the animals to do tricks cruelly.

The Fizzwyck Circus was run by elves, humans and half-elves. They had quite a few wizards of all races, acrobats, and freaks of all kinds. They typically had half-orcs do the heavy lifting. Anyone could attend shows, so Pesha became accustomed to all manner of patrons. A pair of gnolls even attended once, but it turns out that they were only there for the after-show snacks (read: edible other patrons). The circus did well, but the owners became a bit glory-hungry and hired a powerful, but cocky, sorcerer to liven up the show. He was adept at summoning spells and really blew the crowd away with his power. Then, one day, he summoned something much too extreme and REALLY blew the crowd away. Ash does tend to blow away rather easily… Pesha, her sister, and a few animals escaped. Pesha has no idea if anyone else made it, but knows that her sister and she were the only ones left of their family.

After the destruction of the circus, Pesha’s sister ran off to other adventures with some gnome bard who made her forget her sorrow. Pesha became disillusioned and decided to wander the deserts, as far from that circus as she could, to clear her mind and meditate a while. She misses the chaos that circuses can sometimes become, however, and the zen of connecting with an animal mind amidst that chaos.

Wizards- Pesha knows wizards well enough to know that if you need a wizard, tell them how awesome they think they are. Pesha is unimpressed with most of them, but has met a few who were more in tune with nature and appreciates their pursuit of knowledge.
Sorcerers- Pesha, understandably, does not trust sorcerers. One did accidentally kill off her family, after all. They also make her feel dirty for some reason. She’s spoken to sorcerer familiars before, and they had an eerie way about them.
Paladins- Pesha used to make fun of them for being such tight-asses, but she’s grown to really respect them. They’ve protected her and people she’s known before. She still thinks they’re tight-asses though.
Ranger- Pesha definitely respects most rangers for their being in tune with nature. She’s met a couple horrid ones out in the desert, though, who were more in tune with whoring and doing anything for money. They were also cruel to their animals! She hated their betrayal of nature.
All other classes- Pesha has no strong feelings for any other classes.

Pesha’s Halfling given nickname, Uggle (owl), is what Halflings familiar with her family still call her. She hates it because it sounds like “ugly” in common. She tended to use the nickname Pesha (small) because it’s what the half-orc hired hands called her at the circus.

The dog: Brody
Brody is an oversized Loenberger that used to perform in the circus. His specialty was doing a version of salsa dancing, usually with someone from the audience. Pesha trained him to be a riding dog able to do battle since she was on her own and in need of protection.

Aderyn "Pesha" Ursari

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